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Banner|Aetna Stands Out Among Arizona Health Insurance Plans for Transformative Banner|Aetna Kitchen Program

Healthy living habits improve outcomes for those with chronic diseases like diabetes, but lifestyle changes are difficult to kick-start and even harder to maintain. Arizona health insurance plans are aiming to help members make changes that last through fun, hands-on programs like the Banner|Aetna Kitchen.

The Banner|Aetna Kitchen is unlike others offered by Arizona health insurance plans. The program is tailored to a small group of participants, primarily Type 2 diabetics, who meet for “dinner parties”, a hands-on cooking and nutrition program and gardening days over a five-month period to learn a whole host of skills for healthy living. Peer support is woven into the program to emphasize the connection between health and lifestyle behaviors. Gardening sessions also teach the group how to plant, compost, grow and harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs.

For member David Phillip, the Banner|Aetna Kitchen came along at the right time and helped him establish new exercise and eating habits he’s been able to maintain. According to David, “The whole program widened my awareness of how easy it is to fix healthy foods that taste good.” Before participating, he was pre-diabetic. Now, he’s down 20 pounds and his blood sugar levels are back to normal. “My doctor was really amazed,” David shared.

During the Banner|Aetna Kitchen’s twice-monthly dinner parties, members work together to prepare a nutritious, delicious meal under the guidance of a trained chef and dietician. The group then enjoys the food they prepared together while participating in a guided conversation about topics like practical nutrition, home gardening and how to stay physically active. To help these newly learned skills stick, participants go home with all the ingredients necessary to recreate the recipes at home.

And the program is working. Remarkable outcomes show that the majority of participants achieve improved health outcomes, such as better blood glucose levels, blood pressure management and weight loss. Plans are already underway to add additional sessions and program sites in 2024.

The Banner|Aetna Kitchen is just one of the innovative ways Banner|Aetna stands out from other Arizona health insurance plans by changing health care for the better. Members interested in learning more can visit our Diabetes Care Support Center for more resources. And for information about our coverage, visit our Employer page.

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