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Banner|Aetna helps a small business owner access low-cost health care in Arizona

The following interview features Clint, a Banner|Aetna member and small business owner. He enrolled his family in a health plan via the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance Marketplace. We asked him about his experience shopping for low-cost health care in Arizona and why he originally selected and re-enrolled in a health plan from Banner|Aetna.

Clint’s responses have been lightly edited for clarity.


Q: Can you share a bit about yourself and your health insurance situation?

A: I’m a small business owner who needs health insurance coverage for myself and my three daughters (my wife has an employer-sponsored plan). We are in good health and aren’t managing any chronic illnesses, so we typically only visit the doctor a few times a year for check-ups and preventive care. I have over 15 years of experience working with health plans and third party administrators (before I started my own business) and a good understanding of health insurance.

Q: Many people shop around to find low-cost health care in Arizona. What pricing factors were most important to you when selecting a plan?

A: Because my daughters and I don’t utilize a lot of health care, I was looking for the best balance between the monthly premium cost and out-of-pocket expenses like yearly deductibles and copays.

Q: Outside of cost, what other characteristics, features or services of a health insurance plan do you prioritize?

A: We like to go to physicians who feel more like a “traditional” doctor’s office rather than a clinic where you see a different physician every time. My plan needed to offer access to high-quality providers with offices near my home, plus telemedicine services.

Q: How was the ACA health insurance Marketplace shopping and enrollment process?

A: I enrolled online through There were a lot of options, and it was easy to compare multiple plans. To start, I answered a few questions about my household, income, and existing coverage. From there I was shown a range of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum health plans as well as my subsidy eligibility.

Q: How did Banner|Aetna stack up against other health plans from different insurers?

A: I reviewed my options, considering plan design, provider networks, and covered services. Banner|Aetna rose to the top for me due to its robust provider network and affordable cost. The physicians and/or physician groups I was looking for specifically were not available from competing plans at the same price level.

Q: You first selected a Banner|Aetna plan for your family in 2022 and renewed coverage in both 2023 and 2024. Why did you choose to stick with a Banner|Aetna plan?

A: I’m very pleased with the coverage and affordability of Banner|Aetna. Our experience with providers has been excellent, including the claims and billing process. Customer service has been great and resolved any plan-related questions I’ve had. I can, and do, recommend Banner|Aetna to my family and friends who are looking for high-quality but low-cost health care in Arizona.

Q: What specific benefits have you enjoyed with Banner|Aetna insurance?

A: One benefit that stands out is the $0 copay for telemedicine or preventive services. Also, the ability to have a quick telemedicine visit with a physician in the comfort of my own home when I’m not feeling well is the best thing ever.


Clint’s Banner|Aetna plan comes with new perks this year like open access to in-network providers, and specialist referrals are no longer required. Other plan enhancement include an annual $100 wellness allowance that can be used towards hundreds of CVS Health-brand wellness products, plus 20% off CVS Health-brand products in stores.

While Clint purchased insurance for himself and his family through the ACA health insurance Marketplace, Banner|Aetna also supports employers and their employees with group health insurance coverage.

Regardless of whether you’re purchasing insurance for yourself, your family, or if you’re an employer looking to lower costs and improve the health and well-being of your employees, all Banner|Aetna plans have features that make quality health care easier, more affordable and accessible.

For instance, we’ve focused on elevating the member experience with enhancements to common health care headaches like billing. Our frictionless billing program makes it simple for people to understand and pay their bills by combining insurance and cost information in an all-in-one statement. Automated status updates keep members in the loop as their claim is processed and a concierge customer service line provides a seamless experience, setting a new industry standard for user-friendly billing.

There are many factors to consider when deciding if an ACA plan is right for you, or which plan best meets your needs for low-cost health care in Arizona. For additional help with ACA enrollment, like information about subsidies that you or your family might qualify for, read our blog post. You can also shop for an ACA plan on Remember, open enrollment ends Jan. 15 for 2024 coverage!

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